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Full Version: Logitech Dinovo Mediapad - From keycode to action?
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Hi all,

I would like to use the Logitech Dinovo Mediapad as a remote for my XBMC box. This thing behaves like a bluetooth keyboard, but seems to use unusual keycodes (I've retrieved them all wiith xev).

I have read through the manual and I found a page about sancodes & keycodes, but I've to admit I'm a bit lost. All I have for now is a list of keycodes.

How should I then proceed to get this keys recognised under XBMC ? I guess I will have first to link a keycode to a ... (that's the Ubuntu part) and then update Keymap.xml accordingly...

Or ? any piece of advice would be welcome !

Thanks a lot!
Google Xmodmap, should let you remap any of logitech's "good ideas" to sane working ones.
Thanks, it indeed made the trick.

One question though. Most of my problems actually came from the fact that, by default, XBMC doesn't recognize the keypad/numpad of a keyboard.

Keysyms like KP_Up, KP_Down, etc. are not retrieved by the Buttontranslator.cpp file.

Using xmodmap I've reassigned the keysyms to match the ones from the keyboard itself and it worked.

Maybe XBMC-team could add the support of numpad keys? Or are they ignored in purpose?

Thanks again !
I have the same keyboard myself. Would you mind sharing your config?

Gurney Wrote:Using xmodmap I've reassigned the keysyms to match the ones from the keyboard itself and it worked.

I'm struggling with a similar problem on Ubuntu Hardy, but with an iR USB remote that looks just like a USB keyboard to the system (so it works without the need for lirc). The trouble is there are a number of keys on the remote that generate unmapped or unrecognised keycodes which don't work in XBMC.

So, for example, when I press the "Replay" button on the remote, it sends "Ctrl+b", which isn't recognised by XBMC. I think I need to map Ctrl+b to the "Left" action in the <FullscreenVideo> section of Keymap.xml.

To do this, I've tried stuff like this with xmodmap:

xmodmap -e "keysym Control_L b = Left"

but I get an error:

xmodmap:  commandline:1:  bad keysym target keysym 'Control_L', no corresponding keycodes
xmodmap:  1 error encountered, aborting.

How can I map "Ctrl+b" to the keysym "Left" (or another key) using xmodmap. I've tried googling all over for this, but can't work it out. All the examples and documentation seem to assume you just want to map one key to another, not a combination of keys to another.
A quick google for *gasp* "xmodmap +modifiers" reveals a syntax like "keysym modifier-key = newkey".
althekiller Wrote:A quick google for *gasp* "xmodmap +modifiers" reveals a syntax like "keysym modifier-key = newkey".

I was going to come back and say "Weeeell, no sh*t sherlock! I've been staring at that syntax for the past week!" but in fact you've given me an idea...

At first I thought that I didn't want to change the modifier keys as the above syntax implies, I wanted to change a key combination that happens to use a modifier key (for example CTRL+s).

But, seeing as can't combine keysyms in the above syntax (at least, I've not found a way to do it), how about I simply disable the CTRL key? With the pesky modifier removed, I can remap one key to another key, which is what xmodmap (and other things like evrouter) want you to do.

I'm too tired to try that out now, but I'll give it a go tomorrow maybe. If I'm successful I'll donate another ton to the project.
*edit* sorry, got it working with xmodmap

Would anyone mind sharing a working config for this? I picked up the dinovo mini today and like everyone else the media keys do not work in xbmc out of the box.