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Full Version: Channel locked (recording)!
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I have a VDR 2.4.0 server which is streaming to 6 clients in my house via VNSI and streamdev (for the VDR standalone clients).
My kodi machines are accessing LiveTV via VNSI server.
Once in every 2-3 hours I have a weird message in Kodi interface with the message "Channel locked (recording)!"
I have no active timers programmed.

This evening I have investigated the log and found the following:
Quote:Mar 30 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM vdr: [628] suspendoutput: output suspended by inactivity timer
Mar 30 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM vdr: [628] ERROR: Channel locked (recording)!
Mar 30 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM vdr: [628] ERROR: no OSD provider available - using dummy OSD!
Mar 30 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM vdr: [628] suspendoutput: output resumed by user action
Mar 30 00:15:15 YaVDR-VM prevent-umount-on-pause[591]: ERROR:dbus.connection:Exception in handler for D-Bus signal:
How can I get rid of this message and what is causing it?
Thank you.

p.s. In case full syslog is needed I will upload it.
I have excactly same thing. Though it is pretty rare and typically related on Kodi/NVSI crashing. So I often reboot things when this comes ahead and that works it out. If you have found better solutions I would be glad to hear it too.

Which version of vdr vnsi plugin do you use?
Sorry for late reply:

Server side packages I use in Ubuntu 20.04.4 are:
VDR 2.4.1-4ubuntu1
VNSI Sever - 1:1.8.0-3build1

In practise I take the packages my Ubuntu version offers from factory and then depending what plugins I need I will add some repositorys. Those additonall repositories then migh generate small updates in packages but in nutshell used packages are ubuntu standard packages with some minor upgrades.

Client side:
Kodi - 19.3.0
VNSI Plugin - 1.8.0

As told in my case it is related to VDR/VNSI crash and recovers by boot - happens rarely - few times per year maybe.