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Full Version: How to change the "Movies" view to show as Wall?
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after my old Raspberry Pi died and I had to re-install Kodi on a new one with Eminence as skin, I don't get it managed to display the "Movies" view as Wall instead of a single big image + description of one single movie.

I also switched back to the standard theme, where I choose "Movies" and press the cursor to the left to get a sidebar menu that gives me the possibility to choose e.g. Wall, WallInfo, List,... I changed that to Wall and switched back to Eminence, but that didn't help either.

Can you please help me, what I must do?

Thanks and kind regards, Karlo
Perhaps I misunderstood the behavior of this skin. So when I click "Movies" in the main menu and then in the right hand menu I again select "Movies" I get to a view, where I can adjust the view settings by clicking the right arrow on my remote control. At that point, I can configure the view, but it doesn't seem to work in the view I belong to, when I click "Movies" in the main menu?!