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Full Version: Put original title movie for help info provider
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Hi all. I start using Kodi many years ago (it name was XBMC... ) but i'm not an expert ...

So, my question is about unrecognized movies from movie scrapers.
There is a syntax in file name for indicate the original movie name?
i.e if the filename movie can be "Conan il barbaro [Conan the Barbarian] (2011).avi" scraper could be reallry helped to recognize it?
The sense is keeping original kodi shown title in my own language (italian) and keeping the year for disambiguation.

Anyone know something about?
(2022-04-05, 15:53)skelos Wrote: [ -> ]Conan il barbaro [Conan the Barbarian] (2011).avi
The scraper will not be able to find that movie. The Search string becomes Conan il barbaro Conan the Barbarian and there is no movie named like that.
Your options are...

1. Name it like this... Conan il barbaro (2011) [Conan the Barbarian].avi and that should work
2. Use a Parsing NFO file... https://kodi.wiki/view/NFO_files/Parsing
3. If you are using the Python Scraper, then use the UniqueID to search for the correct movie... https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:The_Movie_...hon#Search