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Full Version: Doubt on Scraping with local info only
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I have organazided my movie collection with all movie in one folder. I did the scraping before using ember and have saved fanart, poster and nfo file in movie directory.
At the end for each movie I have 4 file. For example for the movie "Alien" I have exactly:
1)  Alien (1979) 576p MP2.ts 
2)  Alien (1979) 576p MP2.nfo
3)  Alien (1979) 576p MP2-fanart.jpg
4)  Alien (1979) 576p MP2-poster.jpg
The .nfo has info on plots, actors, etc. but has no reference for poster and fanart.
I've added the movie directory source to the viodeo elements and select "local information" as a scraper. 

My espectation is that kodi should take all the info from the *.nfo file read the *-poster.jpg and *.fanart.jpg a load everything into the database.

Instead I see that the info from *.nfo are loaded correctly in the database but not the poster and the fanart. As a result my library as info about actors, plot , etc. but no poster (empty) or fanhart,
After a while posters are populated with images extracted directly from the movie file.

I wonder if there is an option I'm not aware of that is cousing this unespected behaviour.
I forgot : I use kodi 18.9
HI, meanwhile I have run additional test.

What I found is that the issue reported is happening if the source is accessed via FTP:// while is working as expected if the source is accessed via smb://

If the source is :
            <path pathversion="1">ftp://user:[email protected]:21/video/movie/</path>
then poster and fanart are not loaded

If the source is:
            <path pathversion="1">smb://</path>

It works as expected

Any hints for that ?

I forgot to tell that my movie directory is on my Nas
For Kodi 18 have a look at Artwork Beef addon.  Don't have any ideas about smb vs ftp file access, though.

scott s.