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Full Version: pkscout's Estuary mod for Kodi 20 (Nexus)
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This is a very light modification to Estuary that provides the following:
  • ability to reorder and turn off home screen left menu items
  • ability to reorder and deactivate sub-menu widgets
  • option to use small icons for the categories
  • ability to change the action of most of the main menu items (to one of a preset group of choices based on the menu item)
  • added a new TV Show widget called Unwatched/In Progress Shows (it's off by default)
  • setting to change the color diffusion of background art (from 0 - 100%)
  • adds an option to show the artist bio on the music visualization info screen
  • adds an option to have the music visualization screen keep images in whatever aspect ratio they have when downloaded
  • adds options to use Roboto Condensed or Roboto Flex fonts

To use this you need to install my skin repo for Matrix/Nexus and then install the Nexus Estuary skin mod.  


Please note that the Matrix version still seems to work right now with the Nexus nightlies, so I'm including both in the repo.  I don't know if that will continue to be true once Nexus reaches shipping stage.

Here are  the source files in case anyone wants to look at them:


This is based on the current Alpha builds of Nexus, so there may yet still be problems with both the mod and Estuary.  If you run into an issue, please see if you're seeing the same thing in the Nexus version of Estuary.  If you are, then the problem is Estuary, not the mod.  If you only see the issue in the mod, post something here.