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Full Version: Mass-production of pre-built set-top-box with XBMC for Linux to sell as retail?
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(2012-11-20, 23:15)Slarty Bartfast Wrote: [ -> ]has there been a good pre-built box built yet?

"Pre-built" not entirely but many of the mini pc's are close enough that I feel you can call them pre-built. Examples, only to name a few of the top of my head: Zotac (many from them) Artic, and the new Intel NUC is quite nice. At most you have to add memory and possibly IR. If your doing NAS type storage then these aren't ideal. As far as installing XBMC all you need to do is load up Openelec on a usb plug it in and your done. In the case of the NUC, its fits in your hand!
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