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Full Version: Picture Grid Screensaver
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Inspiration comes from the Multi Slideshow Screensaver created by sphere. See the relevant thread on kodi forum.
 I loved the GridSwitch effect in which I could display randomly my video fanarts in a 3x3 grid. Unfortunately, this addon doesn't work anymore on Kodi 19 Matrix.
 So, it was a great opportunity for me to learn how to create a simple addon.
Credits Source code is here:

You can copy the folder to your kodi installation. On Linux, it's `./kodi/addons`
This was tested only on Linux and Android.

  • This is a hobby project. Main goals are to learn kodi programming and to display my holiday pictures in a cool way.
  • I have some random slowdowns when used on my Video Fanarts collection, but I didn't spot the culprit yet.
Here are 2 examples:
  • with a 2x2 video fanart:

  • and a 3x3 holliday pictures grid:
  • Configuration settings:
I updated my screensaver to support exif orientation.
It's the version 1.0.6 on github
Nice! Glad the template Add-on was useful for something Smile