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Full Version: Scraper not grabbing Movie Set images
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Issue with scrapers (TMDB Python and Universal) not scraping images for Move Sets.  OR issue with KODI not displaying it?

My installation of Kodi was having various issues, so I did a fresh install.  Upon importing/scraping movies for the fresh install, everything went smoothy except movie sets do not display images.  The sets are identified correctly, and have the correct nfo information (and movies are listed in the set collection) - just no images.  I'm primarily using Universal Movie Scraper, but I've also tried TMDB-Python; each time, I first removed at least one movie from various movie sets to ensure the collection images would be scraped - but they're not. 

I have no local Movie Set images that I'm trying to use - I just want to use what is scraped, but everything I read seems to indicate nothing special is required - the scraper will just grab movie set images on its own.  Movie Set Information folder is set (but empty).  The log file indicates "Looking for local artwork for movie set..." but no other entry for the collection it appears.

Universal Movie Scraper set to scrape all media for sets. Any ideas?  I feel like it's something simple I'm overlooking, feel free to point that out when you're able to fix my blindness.  Thanks!

Windows 11
Kodi 19.4

For the log file, I used Star Wars and Terminator sets as tests (which should have set artwork)
Log File: https://paste.kodi.tv/didanipija.kodi
(2022-04-27, 17:27)ethanfox Wrote: [ -> ]The sets are identified correctly, and have the correct nfo information
please post the contents of one of your nfo files to Kodi Paste Site and provide the link.

Also, the extrafanart and extrathumbs folders are not used anymore.
Sorry, I misspoke there. I don't have nfo files for the movie sets themselves, but the scraper seems to have downloaded the right descriptions for the collections, which displays properly in Kodi when the collection is highlighted.

Everything seems to be working properly, except where there used to be a poster, for example, it's now empty.
(2022-04-28, 00:04)ethanfox Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, I misspoke there
No you didn't. I know what you meant. There are no nfo files for movie sets. The movie set information is contained in the movie nfo file.
Post one of those and I can check out the poster issue.
Also to be annoyingly pedantic, if you are using nfo files, you are not using a scraper. nfo files are dealt with by the Kodi scanner, artwork is loaded by the thumb-loader. Scrapers find info online, which you don't need as it is all local.
That wasn't at all annoying; I never knew the distinction, thanks for informing me.  In fact, you've fixed my issue, thank you very much!

My nfo files contain <set> information, but it only includes the name and overview.  You must already know this, but when I delete the nfo file from one of the movie folders, remove the movie, and update library, the collection is now populated with the missing images.

The only remaining issue is that now the movie info doesn't match the others in the collection (not using the same format/sources now).  I'd like to keep the nfo files.  If I remove the <set> data in the nfo file, the movies don't get added to any collection.  However, with the collection images in the Texture.db file now (I think?), I can add the nfo file back to the movie folder, update, and everything is hunky dory (though, it's like using duct tape, not very elegant).

Is there a better way to format the nfo so I Kodi/addons will grab artwork for the set without going through the above process for all collections?

nfo for Star Wars: https://paste.kodi.tv/zapugeleqo.kodi

**Also, thanks for reminding me about the extra-artwork folders; I'll be sure to delete all those.
(2022-04-28, 09:51)ethanfox Wrote: [ -> ]nfo for Star Wars: https://paste.kodi.tv/zapugeleqo.kodi
Ha, I can see the problem immediately!!
You have no artwork links in the nfo file.
I guess you have used a media manager to create this nfo file. I say that because the media managers also download the artwork locally for you, which means you don't need the links so they get stripped out.
nfo files and local artwork go hand-in-hand.

Here is my nfo file... https://paste.kodi.tv/hogizafame
Notice all the artwork links.
Especially notice some that are called aspect="set.poster" and other "set.~~~" entries. These are what Kodi is looking for if you don't have local artwork. It finds these links (which have already been scraped previously) and the thumb-loader follows the link and downloads the image (no scraper needed)

(2022-04-28, 09:51)ethanfox Wrote: [ -> ]The only remaining issue is that now the movie info doesn't match the others in the collection (not using the same format/sources now).
You can edit the nfo file set and overview data and then Refresh the movie back into the library or
You can manually add the movie into the correct set using the editor... https://kodi.wiki/view/Movie_sets

I've learned so much from you, thank you again. I thought these were Artwork Dumps, but perhaps they were created by Ember Media Manager, which I don't use anymore.

Ok, understand all. Sanity restored. Much appreciated!
(2022-04-28, 11:03)ethanfox Wrote: [ -> ]I thought these were Artwork Dumps
Not Artwork Dump as it does not create nfo files.
Also Artwork Dump would not work in this case as it needs those artwork links to find the original images to download.

You are welcome. Smile