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Full Version: Category Nodes Moving
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I've moved the default position of some of my movie and TV show category nodes and also created a couple of new nodes as well.
Everything works, but for a long time now I've noticed that every time I start Kodi, the category nodes for movies and Tv shows are not displayed from the first node.
This means that on every occasion after starting Kodi if I want to use one of these nodes, I click right from the main menu item, then have to scroll back to the left on the category nodes to the first or 2nd item as I use these a lot.
I'm just curious if this is actually the expected behaviour or if anybody else is seeing the same thing happening? To me, it doesn't seem to be correct. I did wonder if these category nodes have some sort of default control, which is forcing them to display in this way at start-up? I had a quick look on both the home.xml and includeshome.xml, but couldn't find anything immediately obvious that might cause this to happen.

Here's a screen shot of my TV Show Nodes once Kodi has been started. On the right side is how it should look:-
So in essence, my first 3 category nodes are not shown on start-up currently for some reason.
Rather oddly, the same thing is not happening for music where I have also moved/created new nodes. The category nodes for music are shown correctly at start-up.
Not sure if issue here, but I've known the Embuary scripts to cause navigation issues on Home if enabled. Perhpas try to disable Embuary Helper and Embury Info if you have them, then check to see if it behaves as it should.
That's another great call @jjd-uk 
I had both the Embuary Helper and Embuary Info installed (not sure why, as I don't really need them for anything).
Seems the Embuary Info was the culprit, as no difference when I un-installed the Embuary Helper.
Un-installing the Embuary info made the problem go away immediately.
That mild irritation I was experiencing every time I started Kodi is no more!  Wink
Thanks for the tip....Much appreciated  Smile
Embuary Info is used for extended info in the Video Info dialog for example, mainly for the actor related info lookup I think.
have you used node order in the new ones lower number displays first 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<node order="10" type="folder">
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<node order="30" type="filter">
    <order direction="ascending">sorttitle</order>
(2022-04-29, 13:18)the_other_guy Wrote: [ -> ]have you used node order in the new ones lower number displays first 
Aye, on Windows I had to change the node order manually by editing the xml files as you can't actually see the nodes in Kodi on the dialog select box. On Android this dialog works fine, but on Windows it has had this problem for months. Same as the 'OK' label for the button on the same dialog select has been broken for a long time.

Removing the Embuary Info addon seems to have fixed the issue now anyway (Maybe it was caused because the addon added a couple extra category nodes for movie trailers)
If I recall correctly Embuary Info will result produce incorrect Categories navigation on Home even on a vanilla unmoddified install of Estuary, node editting has nothing to do with it. Only vaguely recall stumbling on it while doing some skin dev work however.