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Full Version: International English should be default
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Seeing as Kodi is now an international project and that the website itself seems to inconsistently use variants of English (e.g., "media centre" on the Foundation page but "media center" and "catalog" on the home page), I propose the entire project should officially just default to international (Oxford) English as the standard. This variant is widely used across the globe, with entities like the UN itself, a representation of the 192 member countries, using it, along with many others such as ISO, BIPM, IEC, NATO, World Bank, and hundreds of millions of people who learn it as the standard of English. There's already support for this in most web browser-enabled devices by way of Google Chrome supporting the English (UK, Oxford English Dictionary spelling) locale and its associated spellcheck feature.
(2022-05-01, 20:56)pancyrus Wrote: [ -> ]Seeing as Kodi is now an international project
Kodi (and XBMC before that) has been an international project from the very beginning going towards 20 years ago. XBMC/Kodi itself is based as an American project, hence all the non-international English terms. Moreover, as an international project, Kodi members hail from all over the planet. Not everyone speaks fluently & correct English. Obvious errors will be corrected, but a total overhaul of the entire project to your beloved Oxford English is not likely to be on our agenda in the very near future.

Funny enough, I recently saw a comedy skit by Al Murray, well-known British comedian who stated that Great Britain forms the center of the Earth 'as a scientific fact'. Does his skit by any chance influence your request to us even more? Smile
While I can see some value in your suggestion, to get the "entire project" moved I think would require (for the actual program) a new feature to support BCP-47 language codes.  Currently Kodi works on a mix of ISO 639-1 or ISO 639-2 language codes and in some cases ISO 3166-1 region codes.  That makes it hard to keep up-to-date with current web practice of using BCP-47.  With BCP-47, we could specify a language en-Latn-GB-oxendict which would be an unambiguous reference to International English written in the latin script.  Just my two cents.

scott s.