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Full Version: Make Kodi sort movies properly by "Date Added"?
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Recently I reinstalled a fully clean Kodi build. Got most of it going fine, but theres a nagging issue thats been around for a bit. I wanted to know if anyone has had issues with Kodi sorting the library by "Date Added"? Whenever I add a bunch of movies and goto sort it all by "Date added", Kodi just seems to randomly sort the movies anywhere on the list.

This makes it much harder to get at, and do my customizations on each movie I'd like to do when they are added to the library.

What can be done about this? Does anyone know how to make Kodi sort the movies properly under "Date Added"

Date added takes the date from the video file by default. So it is assumed that you when you add a new movie to Kodi, well the video file must be new also. Its not as if you would add a video that you obtained 2 years ago into Kodi today. (though I suppose there are times when you would)

You can modify which date is used in advancedsettings.xml. See 2.4.14... https://kodi.wiki/view/Advancedsettings....deolibrary
Dont have "advancedsettings.xml" only have a advancedsettings.py.

Should I create a file and copy and paste from the link you gave? Where do I place the file after its created?

I guess we could just find a metadata editor,  if thats the case. Edit the date of each video to the date its added to the Kodi library?

As it says at the top of the page, the file does not exist. You need to create it. Add the following to the file and I am guessing your want the current actual date/time, so the value is 0

<advancedsettings version="1.0">

I don't know what system you are using, but save it in your Userdata (wiki) folder

Thanks sooo much Karellen! Did exactly what you said...created the file with the code you gave, put it in the "userdata" folder. Had to re-create the movie library again, but after I started re-adding movies...they began adding in the exact order Kodi adds them to the library finally when sorted by "Date added" EXACTLY what I needed....thanks again!
Great!! Glad it is working for you Smile

Thread marked solved.