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Full Version: Accessing PC Video Library On Xbox One
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Hey Guys.....I've been searching for a way to share the video library I made a data source on my PC with my xbox one by streaming or some other means....It'd be nice to launch Kodi on my Xbox One and have the library that's on my PC show up and be accessible....Every search I've done on Google just takes me to sites explaining how to put a build on Kodi to stream any movie or TV Series....Thx for the help.
Stay away from dodgy websites promoting dodgy piracy addons. The Wiki is where you want to look.
Specifically the section on file sharing should help you out as all you really need to do is setup a network share with your PC, likely a samba (SMB) share would work with a Windows host.
Thx D, definitely staying away from that junk but it's a shame that when you use Google trying to search for solutions to a issue your having with Kodi all that seems to come up is best build this, best build that, stream any movie or TV show free, blah blah blah....I've read about SMB and I'm definitely gonna give that a go and see what happens....Do you know if I can use a external HD as a source or do the movies actually have to be on the PC HD to access from other devices? From what I've been able to figure out so far is that the files actually have to be on the PC's hard drive, and you can't access files on a external.
Thanks again D, I appreciate you.
Give this a read I have it setup on my pc so I can watch it on my kodi on xbox works very well..