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Full Version: If you plan on using this skin with a projector change the default background first!
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The center of the default background image quickly burned in and looks like a puff of smoke or cloud in the middle of the screen. It's extremely noticeable on dark areas. At first I thought it was a spot of light coming through door window, but it was still there at dark and next time I fired up Kodi I was like "Oh!" as the image lined up. I've had the skin about a week and spent a little while over a couple days customizing the menu while the Fire Stick was connected to the projector. I've since replaced the default backgrounds with gray screens and set my menu section backgrounds to either random library art or animated gifs to prevent any further burn-in (if it didn't max) and I'll be ready should I decide to get another projector. It's an inexpensive LED lit one and that's probably part of the problem, but heads up if you're a prospective new Kodi (or Aeon Tajo) on projector user.