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Full Version: TetradUI
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(2022-08-12, 00:28)Gade Wrote: [ -> ]
(2022-08-11, 02:08)csts Wrote: [ -> ]Tested the skin for an hour, 2 major problems.
1 Can't use an addon to add widgets, to me Kodi library is deprecated, only Trakt library has meaning. So do not expect me and others to wait for hours to populate Kodi library to use the skin.
2 Can't add / rename sections. That means peeps can't do much.

Thanks a lot for testing the skin.

Well, this is a skin for Kodi.
I use Kodi's library without any issues, and I don't experience any speed issues.
What makes it deprecated?

1. The skin is still in development, which means that customization is not the priority right now.
For now, the main goal is to catch bugs and support all features and some useful addons.
Which addon and which widgets do you mean?

2. Which sections do you mean you want to add and rename?
1. I mean movie & Live TV addons in general.

2. I mean the Weather, Apps, Media, System sections, hopefully I'm wrong.

Using Kodi library with 200 shows can easily take 2 hours to update. Trakt library is instant and you only need to authorize Trakt on any addon you wish to see your collection -without causing duplicates to appear as in Kodi library.
i think theme support for this skin will be a great idea
using the same carbon theme can get boring

when you decide to add themes to this skin here is the download link of the og MC360 skin

if you add this it will be greatly appreciated.
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