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Full Version: TetradUI 1.3.5 for Kodi 19 Matrix
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TetradUI is a skin made from a collaborative effort by TeamUI. Gade is the lead developer of this skin and he's clearly done a fantastic job with it. 
It is based on the JX720 skin by Jezz_X which was introduced all the way back in December 2010.
In December 2021, I reached out to this community looking for folks to collaborate with and to sponsor the development of new skins for Kodi.
The idea was to resurrect 2 abandoned skins, 2 skins that really appealed to me for various reasons and bring them up to date and begin to modernize them.
Manfeed made incredible icons for this project (and more) early on in the year and Gade came in later with his programming prowess and made this project a reality.
It really cannot be said enough that this project was a challenge. It would have been WAY easier to just give up on it entirely but miraculously, it's here for all to enjoy.
Please try TetradUI and submit feedback and/or let us know about any bugs. I want to hear what you love or hate about this skin or what features you want to see added to it.


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This skin can be installed through the official Kodi add-on repository.
Go to the Add-on Manager within Kodi:
  • Settings
  • Add-ons
  • Install from repository
  • Kodi add-on repository
  • Look and feel
  • Skins
  • TetradUI
  • Install

You can install Gade's Add-on Repository to get the latest development versions of TetradUI
or alternatively you can visit the Github to download and manually install.

Translation of the skin is handled on Weblate.
Please sign up and join the project to translate this skin.
A huge thanks to all the translators for the great work - it's really appreciated!

I kept the first post light on purpose, KISS. 
TetradUI is a WIP and is available for Kodi 19.x Matrix
Only had a five minute play with thus but very impressed.
Its also fast.
Wow! Really nice and almost perfect already.

I second the speed improvement, Its a very fast skin.

I had an issue with the TVShow recent widget at first but understand the navigation now and think it works quite well. I also turned off the raindrop animation as it felt a little distracting.

Overall a very nice pollished skin! Great work.
Great looking skin! Smile
On the Media Blade there is no TV Shows button even though in Skin Settings there is an option to hide it.
It only appears if you have TV shows scanned into your local library. When you do, the 'TV Shows' button appears in the media blade.
Then, that skin option will work as intended.
(2022-06-22, 16:38)Ch3dd4rGoblin Wrote: [ -> ]It only appears if you have TV shows scanned into your local library. When you do, the 'TV Shows' button appears in the media blade.
Then, that skin option will work as intended.
So cannot use Trakt.tv instead?
v1.1.3 is in the development repo now!

- Fix category and submenu focus
- Skin settings: hide movies / tv shows / music buttons are disabled if no library content is available
- Add navigation welcome dialog
- Add new media control buttons
- Recode and update side blade buttons
How to add a PVR?
No PVR support yet
it's a pity
(2022-06-23, 13:16)vansai Wrote: [ -> ]it's a pity

No, it's a new skin, and therefore it's a work-in-progress. Hence the word 'yet'.
Wow, what a blast from the past! I think my modded og xbox sitting at the bottom of my storage cupboard is still setup with JX720 - makes me what to dust it off and see if it still works!
@jurialmunkey Wow, could be fun.
I'm very interested in feedback and bug reports, if you have the time to take it for a spin.

Known issues: https://github.com/gade01/skin.tetradui/issues/2
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