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Full Version: Audio details on name file
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Hello, please excuse me if this is not the place for this.

I use Kodi on an nvidia shield pro, and it's really excelent, i've been using for 3 traes and i would want to ask for something.

I'm a latin american user and i really prefer to watch a movie/tv show in original audio. But everytime i try to put a movie/tv show for my children (animated picture most) it is really a nightmare to get one. I have to try severals to get the one that has spanish audio.

So my question is: is there a way to know, before clicking, that the file has spanish audio?

Believe me, that would be really useful.

I'm using Kodi matrix with seren and aura mod skin.

Thanks in advance
(2022-07-03, 17:53)beatLeo28 Wrote: [ -> ]please excuse me if this is not the place for this.

You are correct. As per our forum rules (wiki), this forum is not the place for Kodi setups that have add-ons related to video piracy.
Either you provide a setup that is deemed clean, or you'll need to find your support elsewhere.
Thanks for your quick answer. You can delete my thread.