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Full Version: [WINDOWS] HOW-TO use MCE remote in XBMC under Windows XP with IR Server Suite
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It's mapped to the "recorded tv" button, i think.
"Record" is mapped to take a screenshot.
Great guide, got it working, but with one thing I would like to change..
The Play button doesn't seem to be mapped. Instead the Pause button is used to toggle pause->play->pause->play etc..

The log shows this:
12:26:43 T:1260 M:1470369792 DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 234 pressed, action is 34
12:26:50 T:1260 M:1470652416 DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 230 pressed, action is 12
12:26:53 T:1260 M:1471164416 DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: 11 pressed, action is 7

The first is play (which doesn't work), and then it's pause and down (which works)

Any ideas?
Change in keymap.xml


so play/pause kind of works as I would like, but now I have to map Queue to some button. Gah!
Remote capability is completely lost after resuming from standby whilst XBMC was running.
might not be related.

I did as per the instructions in order to get MCE remote to work and that works great, now however I can not play any music or video as it says "playlist playback aborted too many conecutive......"!

It was working fine before installing these files! any one had similar or am I on my own.

Have this app working flwalessly on XBOX was hoping to replace MCE machine in playroom using harmony 885 (MCE keymapping).

I am using beta 1!
update on this I replaced the "system" folder that came with the files in this post with my old file and it works again! Is this "new" version of the file essential!
The beta 1 seems to have changed something, here's an update:

thanks, so one last thing do I simply replace the system folder with the one included in this download or just add the two files within this system folder to the existing system folder? i.e. just replace existing IRSSMap and kepmap with the new ones..... basically I had just replaced the folder but it has a lot more in the original than just these two files!

sorry if this is really stupid!
in the beginning of this thread there is a number of files to download,i cant get it to start.
reply i get is that the content is not there anymore.

is it temporarily ?

the files are now updated and are posted by ideoteque, so download the "update" link in his post and that will give you the same as the original but updated.
I updated the original link to include only a txt file in the zip to make sure that the latest file is downloaded
downloading now werks as a charmBig Grin

niko7865 Wrote:I upped the hold to repeat delay to 1,000ms, seemed to fix it.

This did not work for me. A restart of windows xp did however...
Im pretty sure i have followed all the steps but when i used the media centre keyboard outside of xbmc all standard keyboard buttons are doubled. However inside xbmc the results are reversed and the standard buttons work, wheras the directional buttons dont work, this is the same with the directional buttons on the remote.
this guide is not for the keyboard, only for the USB remote
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