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Full Version: Kodi 19.4 On Xbox One - Can't install any addons on new installation
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Installed Kodi 19.4 on Xbox One from the Microsoft store. Every time the download stops at 21.05mb. Installing a second time restarts the download but it usually finishes.

After loading the app for the first time, I can't install any add-ons. Every time I try it fails almost immediately. I have uninstalled, reinstalled countless times, power cycling the xbox, unplugging for 10 minutes before reinstall....etc. Nothing seems to work.

I attempted to install pending updates as well and they all fail MOST of the time. Sometimes the pending updates will install but usually they all fail.
I see a lot of people discussing how it was broken on Xbox for awhile but I have read that it is supposedly working for most now.

I have spent almost 10 hours trying to figure this out on my own. I would love to use Kodi on my xbox but I can't do much with it at this point.

If anyone has any suggestions I will try anything. Thanks.