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Full Version: Library contains stuff not on disk anymore
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My library contains info on a lot of movies- and TV shows that I've deleted long ago. I tried "Settings > Media > Library > Clean library" but they're still there. How can I get rid of the old stuff?
What happens when you click on them?
Nothing. Error:
Playback failed. One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.
The event log is empty by the way.

[edit] Found "the big log" in Kodi's file manager on my Xbox. It's in the folder 'LocalState'. It's 1.58 MB (!) large and has 1143 pages. The most recent entry is on the last page. It cannot be copied to an SD card. Very useful...

[edit] Found out how to copy the log and how to get it smaller. Let the File Man from Xbox create a folder on my NFS shared hard disk. Then restart Xbox to getrid of the immensely insane large log. Enable debug logging etc. Then copy the (smaller) log to NFS share. View log on PC. 

[edit] The Library appeard to have entries from the recycle bin from one of my drives. Emptied Recycle bin. Seems to get rid of bogus entries in Library. Smile
Thread marked solved.
Don't index your whole drive but only those folders which actually contain videos.
(2022-09-12, 17:11)xbmcuser01 Wrote: [ -> ]It's in the folder 'LocalState'.

that doesn't really sound like a folder that should contain videos, does it?