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Full Version: LastPlayed & PlayCount
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These two pieces of information are collected and stored but where in Kodi are they displayed?
Any playcount of 1 or higher will result in a video's checkmark.
Lastplayed can be used when sorting videos.

The values themselves are never displayed.
(2022-09-14, 11:11)Caithness Wrote: [ -> ]where in Kodi are they displayed?
Depends on which skin you use. Some skins don't display it, others do. Which skin are you using?
I usually edit the skin so they are displayed.
Thanks. I knew about the tick, didn't know it was the playcount that triggered it thought it would be a non NULL in lastplayed. I was hoping for a bit more to try and prevent my wife inflicting the same film on me yet again.

Default Estuary skin. I have looked at Amber but among the troubles I was having (mainly SAMBA) with the Pi4 and the latest LibreElec I can't remember if it shows it or not.

I've been given some instructions on how to start modifying a skin in another thread so I may become brave and have a go. Rofl
(2022-09-14, 11:58)Caithness Wrote: [ -> ]Default Estuary skin
Is this what you are after? If yes, I can give you the code for that.

That looks like it thank you for your kind offer which I naturally accept. I'm giving it a week or two before I do anything much - just making sure that my HDD isn't going to get corrupted again. If it does I've told the Pi4 its being given an introduction to a hammer.

Here are the two files you need inside a zip file... https://easyupload.io/7jrewu

Extract the two files and place them in the \Kodi\addons\skin.estuary\xml\ folder located in the Program folder, not the Kodi data folder (wiki) or Userdata (wiki) folder.
Restart Kodi.

With each Kodi update eg to v19.5 or v20, the files will be overwritten, so keep a copy of those two modified files.
Its ok to simply copy over your existing files for v19.4 this time, but after any future updates, it would be better to edit the changes into the files, rather than replacing the files as who knows what changes have been made to those files after any updates. Otherwise you will end up overwriting updated code with the older code.
Thank you very much - downloaded and I'll start messing about this weekend.
I had a bit of spare time so I've downloaded and, once I'd figured out how to do it on RPi rather than Windows (thanks to another post to me), it works - thanks again.
Thread marked solved.