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Full Version: clueless with Argus TV
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My tuners can record from the Recording Console, but I can't start a live stream in the Scheduler Console, or stream to Kodi.
Argus Machine: Windows 8.1 on ethernet
Frontend: Kodi on AFTV/SP2/Android Phones
I can record from the recorder console, but can't see a stream anywhere else. The setup was initially smooth, until I got to setting up the EPG. I couldn't find a decent solution, so I initially moved on. I realize this may be why the scheduling console won't show me a stream, but it seems like a silly limitation. Anyway, I'm stuck on both the EPG and live stream. I signed up for schedules direct to help this, but still got nothing. The scheduling console log shows that schedules direct imported channels, but they never show up in the EPG.
My wife will be home soon and will want to watch Wheel of Fortune. Promises where made, money was spent, pls help.