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Full Version: Argus TV not picking up correct season and episode numbers
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I recently had to do a full clean reinstall of Argus TV (some stations changed frequencies, and I fucked up rescanning for them). After reinstall, everything is working just fine, except that the recordings have the wrong season and episode numbers.
For example, this week's The Blacklist was S07E05 - Norman Devane. But it recorded as this:
D:\Argus TV\Recordings\The Blacklist\Season 1738690\The Blacklist - S1738690E147 - Norman Devane - 2019-11-01_19-00.ts
Note the season and episode.... I don't know where on earth it's getting that season and episode number. I thought maybe it was the overall episode number (147th episode overall), but it's not, it's the 138th episode. And the season number is completely confusing to me.
Here's my filename format:
The Flintstones\Season 4\The Flintstones - S04E24 - Son of Rockzilla - 2019-11-02_16-00
Do I have my configuration wrong?
Please mind your language in your opening sentence, as we see this forum as being family-friendly.

As for the configuration, let's start with you providing a full debug log (wiki) via a pastebin website, so we can investigate.