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Full Version: Background while playing music.
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Just started to use and study Kodi.

Is it possible to change the background when I play music?
I find the collection of CD covers a bit crowded.

Here's how it looks like:
ImageKodi on Android TV
That generic background only shows when you don’t have artwork for that artist added in the kodi database, if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to do that you should look in the Music support section of the forum.
Yes I'm gonna start from scratch. That's the best way.

Thank you.

I've been busy and set up a connection with my Synology NAS with the help of the following tutorial:
Setup a Synology Server with a Shared Database for Kodi

I did exactly as explained in this video.
Now, I'm gonna use Kodi only for music so the movie and TV Show directories on my NAS will be empty until I decide to use
Kodi for movies and shows too. 

Everything is running smoothly now. In fact, I don't need artist information (Artist Information Folder). I've been tagging all my music so I see album
covers and tracknumbers/titles ( as you could see in my link) which is enough for me for now. I like it the way it is except for ONE thing that I already
mentioned: a self-chosen background for when I play music. I don't need artwork for an artist. Just 1 single backgrond at all times that will replace the generic one.
What is the simplest way to do this?
Do you already know there’s a screen for when you are playing music? You can select in Kodi options to start that screen automatically when playing music or you can play music and hit the TAB key in your keyboard.
I could start up with playing radio or TV and choose a startup screen. Maybe I'm missing something.
I'll check again on my Android TV.
Went through the options again but can't find a way ro change the generic background like  I showed you in my first post.
I'm also using a remote control en no keyboard to use the TAB key.
Go to System>Media>Music and activate Switch to visualisation on playback