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Full Version: Playing Media Stub Files on XBox
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So I used the Wiki to create a Media Stub file for the first time to try on my XBox One.  Everything went okay. It scanned my disc to the library fine, all the info and artwork is there. But when I try to play the actual movie, instead of getting the message to insert disc, the pop up tells me 

"This video is stored on an optical disc (e.g DVD, Blu-Ray) and cannot be played as your device does not have an appropriate drive." ??

Uhh, I dunno know what that even means. When I insert a disc in Kodi, it automatically closes and opens up the XBox Blu Ray player. I tried disabling that in the Kodi and XBox settings but it didn't make any difference. 
Anyone have any ideas?
Ughh, I just remembered that- unlike Playstation consoles - in order to play dvd's and blu-rays on an XBox, you have to download a stupid app from the Microsoft store. It doesn't play them right out of the...box. That must be what that popup about there being no optical drive is referencing. So I can add blurays to my Kodi library, but I just can't watch them. SIGH! Oh well.