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Due to a problem with Spam attacks on the wiki, new users can no longer create a wiki account to edit the wiki.

Existing wiki accounts can still log in as normal.

If you would like to create an account to edit the wiki...
1. Make your request in this thread
2. PM me the username for your account and an email address to attach to the account.

A wiki admin will create the account for you.
Hi. I'd like to request account.

Sure, can you PM me the email address you want registered with the account. I assume your username will be Starling.

I'll then PM you a temporary password.
Hi, I'd like an account too
(2023-02-11, 22:59)allejok96 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, I'd like an account too
Can you PM me the email address you want registered with the account.
ll then PM you a temporary password.
Hi there!

Half a decade ago, @docwra claimed that the Kodi Wiki was open to everybody to edit:
(2018-11-02, 11:28)docwra Wrote: [ -> ]Since the wiki is editable by all users, if you do find some feel free to update the page with examples.

Being somewhat familiar with the MediaWiki software (which is always a good option for a Wiki, IMHO), the other day I wanted to correct a few typos here and there, so I felt that would be some nice contributions from an utter Kodi newbie to what (so far) has been an awesome experience with this software.

But — surprise, surprise! — there is no registration facility on the Wiki itself. The 'usual' registration page (usual for MediaWiki, that is) has been removed/blocked. There is a hint somewhere saying that I would be welcome to 'login with my username' but doesn't elaborate further. What username would that be? Clearly, it's not the forum's username, because I've tried that, too  Wink

I suppose that, to prevent vandalism, new registrations were turned off (a wise choice!). So — I wonder where I should apply for a username on the Wiki? Or somehow tie the forum's account to the Wiki's account? Curiously, there is no such information on the FAQ there — and I couldn't find any reference here on this (sub)forum. At least, my searches didn't reveal anything...

Thanks in advance. It's not urgent, mind you; I don't exactly swim in free time... and wouldn't be a regular Wiki editor anyway. But... perhaps at least the information on how to register for the Wiki could be put in the FAQ, to avoid similar questions to mine?
Hello @Gwyneth Llewelyn

I have merged your post into the correct thread.
Please read the first post, provide the info and I can set up an account for you.
Which FAQ are you referring to? I can update that.
Hi @Karellen! Thanks for the blindingly-fast reply!

My apologies for posting on the wrong thread. These forums have so many threads and subforums that I missed the one marked 'Wiki'. Very silly of me — I'm so sorry! I just did some searches for 'wiki' and 'wiki login' (and variants) on the Website subforum, as directed on the bottom of the very first page of the Wiki (which, alas, also needs an update, with a link to this subforum instead!)... no wonder nothing showed up there. Oh well. Live and learn!

Also, I'm afraid that I'm such a newbie here that I don't have (yet) access to the board's PM system; or, if I do, it's hidden somewhere where I cannot find it! Shame on me, I should know better... it also means that I'm not sure if I can receive PMs (I guess not — or at least not yet!).

Anyway, if you prefer, feel free to email me at gwyneth [dot] llewelyn [dot] gwynethllewelyn [dot] net — I'm pretty much open with my email anyway (I've been happily receiving spam & scams for ages, too late to be 'careful' now that my address is on basically any database out there). And if you want to send it encrypted, you're most welcome, my PGP fingerprint is at keybase.io/gwynethllewelyn (as well as a dozen other contacts). I should just warn you that I'm not so regular at checking my emails these days; certainly not on those days when I'm focused on something work-related...

Regarding the FAQ, I was thinking mostly of those on the Wiki itself: Category:FAQ (wiki)

Or possibly, again, at the very bottom of the Wiki's main page. It says, after all,
The Kodi Wiki is maintained by the open community along with the Team Kodi members. Please contribute back by helping to update the wiki.
Nothing like linking that sentence to a short FAQ saying how to apply to accounts, i.e. basically the text you've posted on the very first message of this thread. Or, well, just place a link there directly to this forum thread instead. That should be more than enough, I think.

I'm sort of digressing (alas, that's me...) but let me commend you guys on the choice of tools for the Wiki & the BBCode-based forums. These days, everybody uses Discourse & Discord for everything — Discourse is a nightmare to search for information, while Discord, well, can you even search it? It's good for getting a reply quickly, sure, but anything 'chatty' like that just means people endlessly asking them over and over again. Whereas here... you can keep a history. For decades. And let all be referenced and properly indexed. The same with the Wiki, with the added bonus of its built-in versioning mechanism.

Thanks again!
(2023-02-22, 21:36)Gwyneth Llewelyn Wrote: [ -> ]as directed on the bottom of the very first page of the Wiki (which, alas, also needs an update, with a link to this subforum instead!)...
Thanks. I have fixed that.

Sorry about the confusion. This change was meant to be temporary until the spam attacks died down, but we've just let it remain that way. I'll have a hunt around and see what else needs updating to point to this thread.

I'll create your account in a little bit. You will receive an email with a temporary password which will allow you to log in. I'll check your PM next.

@Karellen thanks again — but sadly it seems that the email message from the Wiki was swallowed up by a mail server somewhere; it didn't reach me (nor the spam/junk folder).

Which is not quite a surprise, since I now realise that I had a typo on the email address posted earlier: the second [dot] should obviously (or perhaps not so obviously) be [at] instead.

That comes from posting here at a time I should be sleeping for hours.

Sorry for the confusion. And thanks again for your patience!
(2023-02-26, 05:27)Gwyneth Llewelyn Wrote: [ -> ]but sadly it seems that the email message from the Wiki was swallowed up by a mail server somewhere

I haven't sent it yet. I saw your email address, but you didn't tell me which username you wanted. I didn't want to assume Gwyneth Llewelyn would be it.
Just confirm that, and I'll create the account.
You should be able to PM me, so send the proper email address so I can simply copy and paste so there is no risk of a type-o on my part. Wiki's are horrible for user management, so need to get it right the first time.
I too would like to have a Wiki account created, however, I am unable to find the Forum PM function.  Am I having a senior's moment, or does this need to be enabled somehow?
(2023-03-04, 00:25)DeltaMikeCharlie Wrote: [ -> ]Am I having a senior's moment, or does this need to be enabled somehow?
You don't have enough posts for PM's yet as your account is too new.

If you press the Report button under my post, select Other then type in your Username and email address for the wiki account, I will receive it.
Thanks @DeltaMikeCharlie

I have received your details and set up your account. I have sent you a temporary password.
Thanks for the quick response @Karellen.

I have logged into the Wiki and changed my password.  I started the email confirmation process, however, I have not yet received the confirmation email.  I have requested a confirmation email twice in the last 30 minutes and also checked my spam folder.  Have I done something wrong?
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