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Full Version: Can’t be HD Audio to pass through and movie removes itself from listings
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Running the latest version of Kodi on a Shield. Trying to play a mkv file.  The file plays fine on VLC app

on Kodi it will stop playing and then it disappears from my library. Then I have to rename it on my NAS so I can find in Kodi files and rescan to my library.  Then it disappears again if it runs into errors

the other thing is that the True HD audio doesn’t play.  There is no sound despite pass through being selected.  If I turn off pass through, I get a 2 channel signal.   The audio is working fine on VLC

file also plays fine on Infuse on my Apple TV. 

i am at a loss as to what can be going on here.
Got the audio to work.  Switched from the RAW pass through to the other pass through selection

Still can not get this movie to show in my library.   However it shows up “in progress movies”. There are other movies in there that show up in my library.  Just not this one

when I look at the folder in files, there is nothing showing  in the folder, but there must be something in it because I can play it when I click on the movie poster in in progress