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Full Version: Kodi builtin samba is underperformed VS. system mounted samba(added to kodi).
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I've used kodi 20.0 alpha 3 on my android tv and MacBook.
The kodi builtin samba seems a little underperformed.
I Tested on a 2022 MacBook Air.
Mounting the samba share with MacOS's builtin method(command+k) and add the mount point as a normal macOS folder in kodi,
is way faster than mounting the samba share inside kodi directly:

system mounted samba added to kodi: (~38.1 MB/s)

samba directly mounted inside KodiSad~2.8 MB/s)

Any way to improve this?
Maybe there is some mounting option should be used?

My Kodi 20.0 alpha3 android TV version have the same slowness, I tried to get an idea here, but have not succeed yet, I guess it might have the same reason.