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Full Version: Main menu items Category not defaulting to first one in the list
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Recently upgraded from v18 to v19, noticed one small issue.
When running kodi, for both Movies & TV show previously the ‘categories’ would always default to the first one in the list but now it’s always defaulting to one further down the list.

So for my setup Movie categories are: Recently added / Titles / genres / years / actors / directors / studio / sets / etc..
When I open kodi it shows ‘Sets’ as the highlighted option, and I’d have to move left a few times to get to recently added.

Doesn’t do this for add-ons or Videos, just the above two.

I’ve tried rearranging the categories (settings > interface > skin > configure skin > main menu items > movies > edit categories)
And reseting library nodes to default, but it still does the same thing.
Do you happen to have the 'Embuary Info' addon installed?

I had this exact same issue a few months back and discovered that this particular addon was the culprit.
Once I un-installed it, the problem with the category widget(s) not defaulting to the first item went away immediately.
Not sure what might be the cause if you don't have this addon installed though....
Thank you. That was the problem, uninstalling the addon solved the issue ! Shame because I like that addon, think I used to use exndinfo but that doesn’t work anymore. Did you happen to report the issue?
You're welcome.
Yeah, I liked the addon as well.
As far as I can remember, I never reported this as an issue since the addon author has not been very active on the Kodi forum for some time. Not sure if he still monitors his github page though....