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Full Version: M3U with coded channels doesn't work
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Hi, I think I tried everything I found on google, and can't figure out why it doesn't work...

I've made m3u playlist for PVR IPTV Simple Client with some encoded channels. I have license url, and base64 key (I've got it from header called "drmchallengecustomdata" on my online television website).
But it doesn't work...

That's how it looks like in m3u: 
#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="Channel", Channel

Kodi shows that in logs:

All of the values (license key etc) are good, I've tested them on https://reference.dashif.org/dash.js/lat...index.html and it works perfectly fine...
I'm out of ideas...
Is it even possible to make it work?
Try posting this question in “Add-on support -> VideoPlayer inputstream” section.

A moderator should be able to move your question there.
(2022-12-05, 10:40)phunkyfish Wrote: [ -> ]A moderator should be able to move your question there.

Impossible to tell with the non-debug log snippet with censored urls.

I would guess that #KODIPROP:inputstream.adaptive.license_data=base64data is possibly not needed, and that HERE_I_PUT_BASE_64_KEY may need to be url encoded.
@G4lik got it working ? I to would like to find this out if possible