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Full Version: Help with poor 5 GHz Performance
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I have a 500 GB SHIELD TV that has poor WIFI performance. Router is a Netgear R8000 that is 10 ft away in another room, but gives full bars. I get frequent buffering on Netflix and Kodi Argus TV (internal LAN only) streams. I've tried connecting to a 5 GHz radio that only my SHIELD is on, and to the radio my other devices use. The SHIELD is right next to a WebOS TV, that has no problem with Netflix 4K streams on the same radios. I get good Kodi Argus TV performance with every other device in my home (Oneplus 3, Gen 1 Fire TV, Windows 10 desktop, etc) except the SHIELD. Any advice on how to improve performance? I may go powerline, but the WIFI is supposed to work...
Use a wifi analyzer app to see how/which channels are used. Interference may be a factor.