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Full Version: [WIP] Reverence - a new skin concept for XBMC (skinning help wanted)
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In the same vain that Fluid became MediaStream, I am submitting a work in progress that hopefully a skilled coder would be interested in developing into a new high quality skin. That being said, I am not familiar with some of the limitations of the XBMC skinning engine, so I just created these concepts with some fresh ideas in mind and others borrowing from skins that have come before. In that, my idea is to call this skin "reverence"', to say thank you for all the hard work and effort those have put forth in the past.

I would LOVE for this skin to develop into something of a community driven project. Sort of a skin for and by the xbmc fans. I am open to intelligent suggestions and even working with other skilled designers if there are any takers. I would like this skin to be one of the best that XBMC has to offer.

Click the thumbs for full size previews:

This is an idea I came up with for a new view for music. The top shows the artists and the middle box would be able to scroll the albums by that artist, and show the songs. Its kind of mixing the Zune and iPod interfaces.



These show a view for the movie library, one with a fanart example.

Please let me know what you think, and contact me if you are interested in helping.
Looks nice
looks very nice mate...hope you get a coder to get it done for you. Anything that benefits the community is a great thing.
Thanks guys, here are a couple more pics, an idea I've been thinking about for another view in music.


those are some great screens - hope you can find someone to help you out!
looks great... a coder will come along...
Looks great. That last music view, especially, looks intuitive, but I'm unsure if it's possible in XBMC.
Yeah, I wouldn't know if it's possible in xbmc either, I'm just trying to throw some fresh UI ideas out there that may or may not be possible.

I think sometimes we all get hung up on specific layouts (myself included) and thats fine, because it allows us to refine them and make them more usable over time. Although sometimes we need a little inventive thinking to create fresh new ideas, otherwise projects become stale.

Just a thought Laugh
wooow looks really nice man
you cant do dual list I have a feature request for this unsupported even though nearly every mock up uses it that I see Smile

Link to feature request that would allow for this type of mockup
looks really nice.
a little like the fluid mockups that turned into mediastream that looked nothing like the mockups.
looking forward to this one.
I love it! Go for it!
yoci Wrote:looks really nice.
a little like the fluid mockups that turned into mediastream that looked nothing like the mockups.
looking forward to this one.

Yeah, I was going for a similar style, and your right mediastream looks nothing like Fluid, and I know the argument was that the original design lacked a certain amount of usability, but I mean, there is NOTHING even similar about the visual design that even remains remotely close to the original, well maybe the fonts but thats about it. Not knocking Mediastream because I think it rocks, but if someone on the outside was told that fluid was the basis for mediastream, they'd be scratching their head.

So, that being said, I am willing to tweak layouts, etc, but I feel that if Reverence is made into a fully realized skin, then it should remain looking as close as possible to the original mockups while keeping usability in mind as well.

Anyway, are there any skinners that may be interested in helping with this project? I realize that you may all be working on skins of your own now, and I don't want to hold off progress of those creations, but if you are atleast interested, let me know and we can atleast begin some communication. Otherwise, I will have to assume to no one is interested and I will have to shelve the project for now. Sad
Which font do you use in this skin? I mean the fat one displaying e.g. the movie name.
The only font used in the skin is Futura, just with varying degrees of bold.

Great news BTW, I am working with a coder now and the skin is now in progress. Big Grin

Remember though, if anyone else wants to contribute, send me a message.
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