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Full Version: Xbox controller left stick skipping
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I realise this has always been a thing on the Xbox version of Kodi, as I found a thread on this a while ago, but as of the latest version (i.e - 20), it's becoming unbearable.

Basically the left stick on the Xbox controller works fine for a few minutes in the main interface but then something happens like it's skipping 2 presses at once and selects every other film/tv show/etc... , not every actual film/tv show/etc...

It can be reset by playing a tv show or film and indeed, in the media player interface itself it works fine. Then when you exit the player and go back to the main interface it works properly again for about 2 minutes. Then the whole process repeats.

I've had to resort to using the d-pad to select options, and that works fine for a while, (but eventually that too will skip options, but resets itself a few seconds later).

Is anyone on the dev team looking into this? How can we use Kodi on the Xbox if this happens to everyone? How widespead is this problem? It's basically the only thing that's stopping Kodi becoming my favourite Xbox media hub.

(It's not my contoller by the way, I've tested a couple and they both do it, also it works fine on my  actual Xbox, so it's definitely at Kodi's end).

Thanks for any help, it's appreciated.
Same here. Its annoying
So basically it's not really affecting anyone then? Can nothing be done? If anyone reading this is affected please can you say so in the thread so that if enough people chime in it might get noticed and fixed? There doesn't seem to be anyone willing or able to fix this.
Wrong section, I don't use xbox. Excuse me. (Ignore me)