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Full Version: Estuary bigger fonts
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im modding my own version of estuary, to make it more friendly to older people
tried to find a setting or mod for it but suprisingly didnt found. is anyone already made for it?

the things that will make it into an easier version will be:
1) bigger fonts (done, by changing Fonts.xml)
2)lower or remove opacity - idk how to do it, tried to change global colors but it breaks on me
3)change PVR Guide to bigger fonts and bigger height and width
i have a skin for bad eyesight https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=366160
1) bigger fonts (done, by changing Fonts.xml) this will mess up the way the text is displayed there is a work around that shows text at the top of the screen
one trick i found is to add boldness to fonts
i know making bigger fonts wont fit for 100% of the items, but i feel it much more convinient. 
thinking about uploading my version to git, if anyone is intresetd let me know