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Full Version: Build 19.4
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Good Day,
I am trying to find where to change the setting (Estuary Skin), upper right that displays the (Regional) time.
Right now it only displays the time like so: 6:04PM
I would like to display the long format, for example: 6:04 PM Saturday, January 14, 2023.
Or perhaps something close to that.
Can you let me know what steps I need to take to make that happen.
Or even what .xml file I need to edit to make it so please.
It looks like there are two XML files you need to edit to make sure the clock display is changed everywhere - Includes.xml and Custom_1109_TopBarOverlay.xml.  Search those files for "System.Time" to find the exact lines.  You should fine a line that looks something like this:

Change it something like this:
<label>$INFO[System.Time] $INFO[System.Date]</label>

This will use the default date format, but you can also format the date by including a format string with System.Date.  See here for more info:


Note that there are a number of screens in Estuary that have pretty long items on the left hand of the top bar, and making the clock block longer may cause funny looking overlaps at times.