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Full Version: After update KODI v.20 no longer sees any video files. help!
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Hi, I have been using NVIDIA Shield TV 2017 and Kodi for many years to watch videos made by me. I had Kodi v.19 until yesterday, today I wanted to see yesterday's video again, but I couldn't. I noticed that Kodi automatically updated to the Kodi 20 version. So with the new update, I put various pendrives, even a hard drive to the USB Shield TV, but Kodi only sees the folder where the file is contained, but it doesn't see the file. I tried even with many other files, but nothing at all.
Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix the problem? Thank you
Did you search the multiple posts in the forum on the subject?

A MILLION THANKS. Now it works fine.
Thread marked solved.