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Full Version: Why have network shares become such a big problem?
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I understand that things change. And apparently, the old way of doing things just isn't good enough for Kodi. Well kudos to Kodi for being on the bleeding edge!
But for cryin' out loud, couldn't a replacement process with adequate documentation have been put in place first?
(2023-01-23, 06:54)KalebB Wrote: [ -> ]And apparently, the old way of doing things just isn't good enough for Kodi.

If you are referring to Microsoft's Samba network file protocol, that has been a v1.0 version for many years, along with its many big security holes... Well, Microsoft (not TeamKodi) decided it was finally time to make changes. In fact, they changed thinks a couple of times, leaving other program developers guessing what was up and what was next. Microsoft's own "documentation" regarding that topic can still be quite a challenge to decypher.

But if you prefer to continue with a deprecated protocol version that doesn't really implement any working security features, you still can. Enable SMBv1 on your Windows box and be happy.

If Samba is not your problem, then be a little more precise in your complaint.
no concerns here with file sharing however i dont bother using microsoft windows
i also dont like the way microsoft windows coddles its users then when its time to do something difficult in the system their users go "deer in the headlights"

Re: "along with its many big security holes..." reminds me of the single character guessing flaw, what a joke that was, guess each letter of a password one at a time until you have the whole thing

i dont consider kodi to be secure anyhow so measures are taken on a system level outside of kodi or really anything else, if you open samba to the internet youre begging to be hacked imo

if you hate samba sharing so much, i rather enjoy the SFTP addon which i would think is more secure but again i dont open my system up so it could be flawed and i would never know

i think USB drives have come a long way too so why bother with sharing anyway

of course this is all opinion on a forum