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Full Version: platform specific flags for addons to denote a targeted platform
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thanks to a team member i might have worked out why some things dont work for me - https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid3135062

can there be a platform tag introduced that denotes an addon is intented for linux/windows/android/openelec/arm/x86/x64 or some such combination

just something that tells the end user that it "may not work as intended" if youre not on the targeted platform
(2023-01-23, 23:21)jepsizofye Wrote: [ -> ]something that tells the end user that it "may not work as intended" if youre not on the targeted platform
We rely on the authors and their support threads to communicate this information, in some cases it's not one 3rd party add-on, but a combination or multiple extras that are unforeseen in development.  User reports in respective threads bring to light issues that then can be addressed. Kodi is a work in progress, and what didn't work at one point can suddenly make sense as various iterations continue the effort.
so its assumed cross platform until proven otherwise by user complaints or bug reports
good enough
There is a flag in add-ons to hide incompatible add-ons, but given the fast pace of upgrades and previously elucidated structures of overlays, it's not exactly reliable, and refer users to the thread or support structure of the specific add-on in question.
The addon definition file, addon.xml, has a tag <platform></platform> that is intended as a way for developers to limit which platforms are offered an addon.  Of course if a dev just uses <platform>all</platform> then the assumption is it should run on any platform. 
Of course that won't help if the problem is the platform is supported but low power/resource systems might struggle with resource requirements.

scott s.
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