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Full Version: Showing the ratings in the tv show list view
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Is there a setting that shows the rating on each line item in the list view of media (both tv shows/movies)? I just had the addon update the other day (v5.4, I must've had an old version from the original repo or something). I'm hunting through the skin now looking for a setting, or I could possibly go hack the rating it into the xml, though I'm not sure which file it is yet, still hunting around.

If the author happens to read, love the skin, I've been using it for a few years.
No, sorry. List view has changed. If showing ratings in all lines is important to you, you could try Multisort view.
Hi @manfeed  ,
 Love the skin , i just have one question and i'm not sure if its a skin issue , how can i download posters for movies that automatically become multiposters? because in the tv series its possible.I mean download more than one poster for movie.

Thanks mate.