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Full Version: HORIZONZ: Discussion and Support Thread
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That looks great! Downloading now. Thanks for all your hard work.
This looks sweet!!
WOW. Looks absoultely stunning! You've done everything I wanted, thank you so much. New widecase view and OSDs looks stunning.

Downloading now, and I'll report back as soon as I play around enough!
Amazing stuff, thanx a lot for the audio settings during playback, will download when home and test it. Keep up the awesome work....
Looks very impressive. Good job on the video osd and debug info, and everything else for that matter. Nice one.
WOW that list of fixes/additions is amazing! What a fantastic addition to Aeon, thanks xb2iris!!
How do I find the "Option to have backdrop cycling in Showcase view"?
Right now I only have grey before the fanart comes up, and if I down have ha fanart, its grey to. Both in tvshows and movies.
Showcase and widecase in tvshows.

BTW, good work with the mod. =) Fixed some really good things.
Is it possible to add the "info" to the "banner" mode to?

Any screens of "Widecase"?
NVM my last post lol
Im running xbmc-linux SVN from yesterday. XBMC refuses to load Horizonz because it requires a skin of version 2.00. Will there be a 2.00 version of Horizonz or do I need to downgrade xbmc?
i just installed horizons on a clean install (using plex .. which i also updated at the same time so this might be related to that .. but i figured it see if anyone else here has this issue) in library mode .. both movies and tv shows .. link for Recently added Movies/TV Shows is not there anymore

anyone else notice this or is it just my setup ??
You probably extracted it to the wrong path.
make sure the path is like so.
you probably have something like
UND3R ACHI3V3R Wrote:Any screens of "Widecase"?

in the last set of screens there is a widecase shot
NVM my previous post .. it was a plex issue
matt_cyr Wrote:@slundell
You probably extracted it to the wrong path.

Thanks, you were right! Works now!