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xb2iris Wrote:no idea when that happens... i sent djh a request to take over aeon classic, but i never back from him on that topic... guess he really meant to continue classic and turn it into stark... i don't think it's right for me to call this a skin... don't know how that entire thing works... i'd like it to have it's own forum and all that... but will anyone do that... no idea... if enough people can get behind this thing, i reckon it could... it does have the most popular thread on here... more posts than any other topic i've seen on here since the old days... as for views, not yet... it's not been a topic for ages like most other popular threads... guess... we'll see what happens...

before aeon got a subforum .. it had i think around 2500 posts Wink .. we still have room to grow
pletopia Wrote:try scrolling through 1200+ movies .. only way i can do it decently is in wall mode .. hehe Oo

If I had that many movies . . . wow. I'm lucky to have around 50 lol.
six_storm Wrote:Wow, I didn't know that you tried to take over Aeon Classic. Neat to know!

yeah, it was more of a hint than a hey, i'd like to take over aeon classic kinda deal... if u get what i mean...

pletopia Wrote:try scrolling through 1200+ movies .. only way i can do it decently is in wall mode .. hehe Oo

yeah, i know, my housemates got around that many... letter offset is well useful for him now...

pletopia Wrote:before aeon got a subforum .. it had i think around 2500 posts Wink .. we still have room to grow

yeah, i know it was slightly more i think, but it was a full on skin, the most popular at the time... no other skin had even a wift of attention compared to it... now we have mediastream and this mod isn't even sticky'd after i asked djh to sticky it up... and if you think about it, horizonz has only been around for a few months... aeon was around for over a year, and went through a bug driven developement process, thus, tons of releases, and therefore tons of replies... there were even backdrop releases and all of that in that thread remember... so, yeah, i'm trying to avoid that kinda thing... keep it simple... but still, doing well...

six_storm Wrote:If I had that many movies . . . wow. I'm lucky to have around 50 lol.

me 2... no time to collect much...
So is Aeon Classic even in the works anymore?
six_storm Wrote:So is Aeon Classic even in the works anymore?

hahaha... don't think so... but who knows... maybe some other modder out there is calling aeon classic he's own and is just waiting to blow my mod out of the water... we'll see!
So, Volume III has finally arrived. It's been awhile since the last update, but at lot has changed. Took my time with this one, as to include as many of your requests as possible. With a new animated home interface and some interesting changes to popular Views, this should be a users' wet dream. Here are a some of the changes since the last update.



Updated Home screen scroller, Home screen Time, Home screen Disc and RSS Feed panels' appearance and position

Added new Now Playing panel to better suit the new look Home and Lower scrollers


Updated Info view by adding a new look, fully animated Information panel and a navigation Letter offset for better

Updated Info view Backdrop settings to include Backdrop rotation (linked to Showcase Backdrop cycling)



Updated List and Poster views by adding Dynamic Library Information which slides into view upon library item pause


Updated Wall view to include new bi-directional Information panels which slides into view upon library item pause


Added New Shutdown Timer menu with three pre-defined times (30, 60, 120 minutes) with Cancel Shutdown Timer function (requested)

Added Scrolling Letter Offset for increased navigation precision through Scrolling views (requested)

Added Cast Thumbnail to cast list on Video Info panel and re-worked Cast Title-search function (requested)

Added Strings.xml label support for the Home Scroller and Section Heading labels (requested)

Added Full screen Video OSD Info button support (requested)

Added Wider Full screen Settings Panel for better distribution of Dialogs (requested)

Added Stop Button to both Music and Video OSD panels (requested)

Added Rewind and Fat Forward Buttons to Video OSD panel (requested)

Added New Default XB2IRIS Backdrop

Added New MOD System tab to Core section

And more...



Last Word

Some of the features included haven't been properly tested thoroughly, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. This will be my last release before I take a break from anything xbmc related. So please, continue to post suggestions and make requests, and I promise, I'll return with a vengence as soon as I can. Also, continue to help each other on this thread so we can further this mod to what next horizon, perfection. Rest assured, developement will continue and I'll be around for another week or so before the break, so keep in touch. And as usual, enjoy using Horizonz: Volume III.
Thought i would pop in to say this mod is fantastic!! Horizonz is pretty much complete now.

xb2iris your doing a great job with your mod. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Awesome bro, will try this when I get home.

I can't wait to get home and give this a try, it looks amazing! Really awesome work xb2iris, thanks for making such an amazing skin!
I am looking forward to this release. I'll grab it now. I know the lowered rss feed didn't make it this time but maybe next release? Maybe also as an option to show or not to show?
I like it =) Didn't really like version 2, something was off, but this one is looking really good!

Downloading now! Thx a lot Smile

Don't know if it's intentional or not, but the behaviour with fanart is different for showcase and info view.. I like showcase the best, but I only get the behaviour I would like to see with info view.

Thing is I have enabled my own fanart in settings, so it constantly cycles from my folder of choice.. When I pause on a movie in info view the fanart for the movie I selected slide in, but this does not happen in showcase.. Here fanart for the selected movie/tvserie does not show as long as I have selected "cycle fanart in info/showcase views..." in settings.

I would like the behaviour where I can have my chosen fanart cycling, untill I pause on a movie, then it should show the fanart for that movie. As I said I don't know if it is intentional or not, but I found it a bit weird that the behaviour is not the same for the two views..

Thx for a great skin =)
Wow.. Seriously??

This looks great.. Just did a quick run through and I gotta say, you did an awesome job on this.. Love the new backdrop and all the new options.. The little Mod tab you did is nice too..

The cast section looks so much nicer now too..

I'm sure you'll be hearing this all night, but you did a fantastic job on this..
Very good work. After seeing this it might finally be the end of PM3.
looking good, however, the tv view with the filmstrip border around the screen thumbnails looks a little out of place. I really like the dvd case. I think it should kinda flow a little better. It would be nice if the now playing icon had the dvd cover as well and if we could have something similar for the tv episodes and music albums. not sure. Just looks a little disjointed. these are observations form the screenshots. I will try it out myself tonight. I think you should move away form the dvd case and make all the views look like the now playing with a gloss and just a border. any one else have any ideas?