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Full Version: HORIZONZ: Discussion and Support Thread
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Which version do you need actually ? Because, theres Paul's Horizon IV Version, and theres Horizon IV HexedMod....so tell me :p

Paul, i have a question.....im a total noob with skinning, but Horizon IV OSD is not very....how can i say...lol....i dont like it, so i would like to create a new OSD for Horizon.....can you tell me if theres some url or tutorial for skinning XBMC (excpet the wiki ones)....and can you tell me if it'll be difficult to create for noob like me :p

Bram77 Wrote:Yeah, only the textures. That's what I think I need to be able to run it on the XBOX, but correct me if I'm wrong! Horizon IV is still available for download.

It would be great if I could permanently document this skin on xbmc-xbox-skins. Your help would be highly appreciated Smile

look here.

i think this xpr should do (it's still online :-D )

You can get my original one from here http://www.4shared.com/dir/14945506/b26a..._XBMC.html
i just installed my horizonz on my xbox and it is beautiful!!!! awesome work, keep it up.

couple of questions if you guys can help..

- i have managed to add the folder to my movie folder and scape them fine. when i try to do the same for tv shows though, it doesnt work. how do i reset all of the settings so i can do it over again? i am guessing that the database got corrupted somehow, strange though since movies folder updates fine.

- should i use the option FORCE XBOX MODE or not?

- a couple of posts back, someone asked about media flagging. i didnt really understood the answer Tongue i am guessing that its not possible to have media flags in xbox?

thanks a lot in advance!
hey any update on this great looking skin?
looks nice, i cant want to try it!!
where is the skin for xbmc gotham ? I want to try it !!