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Hello, I just installed the new Version of AEON Tajo and my Problem is the chosen Items (Menu and so on) are not highlighted, I can´t see which Item is marked.
Is there a setting I did not find or something else I need to do ?
In the Skin Settings I already chose a color for marked Items, but that does not seem to work. As you can see in the Picture neither of those two Choices (JA / NEIN) is highlighted.

In this picture I am not able to see, which Item is marked.

(2023-09-05, 17:14)bansheeat Wrote: [ -> ]Hello, I just installed the new Version of AEON Tajo and my Problem is the chosen Items (Menu and so on) are not highlighted, I can´t see which Item is marked.
Is there a setting I did not find or something else I need to do ?
In the Skin Settings I already chose a color for marked Items, but that does not seem to work. As you can see in the Picture neither of those two Choices (JA / NEIN) is highlighted.

Have you tried restarting Kodi?
(2023-09-05, 10:41)manfeed Wrote: [ -> ]
(2023-09-05, 06:21)Drewmnn Wrote: [ -> ]I've been using the skin for months and really enjoy the new updated font and UI. My only gripe is where did the 'Favourites' go and why?? It doesn't show up in the menu anymore.
You must have made changes in the items of the main menu. By the default, when you go to SYSTEM>SETUP MAIN MENU, the 11th item is Favourites, as you can see...


...so you can hit 'Reset' in that 11th item, to restore its original function, or you can use one of the currently empty items to create a new one, typing in 'Default select action' ActivateWindow(Favouritesbrowser) that is the new Kodi standard or ActivateWindow(Favourites) that is the old one, much more limited.
Thank you kind sir. I don't know how I missed that in the 'Setup Menu'. Maybe because I didn't scroll down far enough, who knows. I guess you're right. When I first started using the skin I disabled the 'Favourites' because I wasn't going to use it until the wife needed it when she started using Kodi.
I closed Kodi, cleared the Cache, did the Settings again and now it is working. Thank you Manfeed for your help and this amazing Skin Shy
(2023-09-05, 15:30)Konon Wrote: [ -> ]
(2023-09-05, 13:20)Knotte Wrote: [ -> ] 
Everything works fine. It's you who have some problems, I would reinstall the Skin or KODI in your place.

You mean deleting all the settings as well, right?
(2023-09-05, 13:20)Knotte Wrote: [ -> ]You mean deleting all the settings as well, right?
If clearing the cache and resetting the settings did not help, then you need to remove and reinstall the skin, if this did not help, then do the same with KODI.
This is by far the best skin I have ever used. I tried each and every skin and found this skin match my taste best. I appreciate your effort and our valuable time you put on this. Thanks a lot @manfeed you have done a great job for so many kodi users like me.

I've been using Aeon TAJO for a few days, and I like it better than the rest of the skins available in the Kodi repository. I'm running it on a Samsung 10" SM-T90 tablet (Android 10). I have a few questions about using this skin, because I think I must be missing something somehow:

1) Is there any way of sorting albums and songs (the default is OK, but I haven't found any way of changing the sort order)?

2) Is there any way of changing the submenu backgrounds (again, the defaults are OK, except for the music submenu background, which is very busy and interferes with the song and album listings)?

3) When I play a song I can't seem to access the player controls unless I go to full screen play mode, but I can only seem to get there by hitting the back button until I'm back out at the main menu, then hitting the back button one more time, which brings up full screen play mode, and I can then access the player controls by touching the screen (BTW, the 3D view is awesome) - so is there an easier way to get to full screen mode and the player controls? Then from full screen mode, how do I get back to the album listing? There seems to be no way except to navigate back through the music/albums menus and then scroll down to the album that's playing.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this.
I use Kodi in a windows device, with a keyboard, which makes easy to do all that you ask for. I never used Kodi in a tablet, so I can't provide you any clue, but I guess it's not really the ideal Kodi device, in fact there's a special Kodi skin that deals with touchscreen devices called Estouchy. About the submenu backgrounds, I guess you refer to the collage image of movies and albums; if so, there's no way to change them, sorry.
Hello @manfeed.

I just saw you use the same design for the weather addons as I used for Titan Mod.
This results in an incomplete display of the text or information.
I recently fixed this problem on Titan Mod.

I first wanted to solve this problem like you did.
Here is my solution, it is simple but effective.

Thanks! I’ll have a look at it.

your skin is nice but every time I try to use it I get "annoyed" with a few little things. maybe it's my ocd and that is definitely doesn't take away from the effort you put into it.
so can you please help me?

1- Is it possible to see more items in the main menu bar without scrolling? right now it displays only 3. I want to see 5 items and there is space there to display them
2- In the submenus the items there are continuous. meaning if I have only one item like games add-on in  the submenu of Games, then the submenu shows "Games add-on     Games add-on    Games add-on" with infinite scroll. is there a way to just display the exact items without repeat?
3- does the skin support character poster add-on? https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=345299
4- I have weather icons - HD animated add-on working on another skin, but not this one, is there a way to enable it here?
5- the widget for weather (and basically any widget) is docked on the right side. Is there a way to make it in the middle?
6- Possible support for custom video and music genre fanart and icons?

see screenshots
1- https://imgur.com/nBhMhcz
2- https://imgur.com/a/JFULwTK
5- https://imgur.com/Uybjc9b

Also one thing maybe I mentioned some years ago, but this is for info if you didn't notice. again my OCD could never let it go Big Grin 
when I edit the position of the menus meaning using the "move menu item" option it does what it is asked to do and moves the menu item in the GUI. however, in the backside meaning the skin settings.xml file it doesn't change in a neat way.

I give you an example, I change the position of shutdown/power with the music so I end up with this is the settings.xml file "<setting id="ShutdownHomeItem.Label" type="string">MUSIC</setting>" well it works but with many position changes the settings.xml becomes very "sorry to say" messy. again this is FYI only.

Thanks, I’ll try to answer your questions.

1.- The skin is designed mainly for the default font, that’s bigger than the one you use according to your screenshot, so three is the right number of items to avoid overlapping with long names in the main menu. The vertical menu option can show more items.

2.- I’ll have a look at it. Anyway any change will be for the Omega version, Nexus will remain the way it currently is.

3.- Yes. I use them.

4.- Yes. I use them. Just choose them in the side menu when in the weather section.

5.- No, that’s by design. I like them that way.

6.- No, sorry.

About the menu, I’m sorry about your OCD, but for me, if it works as intended, that’s just fine.

Thanks for explaining. I appreciate you taking the time to answer.
I found the weather icons option. now works  Rofl
I am not able to see the character posters no matter what I do. I have the add-on installed and it works for other skins. in other skins, they appear when I chose "i" to got to movie info then scroll through the cast/crew members and the character poster appears instead of the normal poster. Is that the same behavior here?

can you give some tips how to troubleshoot that? would a debug log help?

You only have to have your movies in individual folders, and put the images beside the main poster, named poster1.jpg, poster2.jpg, poster3.jpg…
Scan them to the Kodi database and in Aeon Tajo settings choose the option Use extraposters
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