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(2024-01-22, 09:53)manfeed Wrote: [ -> ]You only have to have your movies in individual folders, and put the images beside the main poster, named poster1.jpg, poster2.jpg, poster3.jpg…
Scan them to the Kodi database and in Aeon Tajo settings choose the option Use extraposters


If this reply directed to my comment about character posters, then I think we talking about two different things.

yes I do have extra posters and these are displayed fine by using the option in the settings as you mentioned.

what  I was refereeing to are character posters that comes with the add-on in this forum https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=345299
In this forum it says your skin support it.

those character posters appear based on the movie ID and the actor name so they aren't linked to the movie poster only but to a specific actor. see screenshot of example from ant-man movie.

this is how the posters are saved in the add-on directory "Kodi\addons\resource.images.characterposter\resources\tt0478970"

this is how the appear in the movie info window when you scroll through the cast section (screenshots from another skin)

humm sorry never mind. I just remembered that I am the one who implemented it in that other skin so I did the same for this skin so now it works without the need to use extra posters instead of animated poster which I prefer. thanks for helping. I am trying to merge some features from awesome skins and come up with one for my personal use  Wink

I did make a fork from your awesome skin (that sounded weird Laugh ) but you know what I mean and now I can have my edits remain whenever you update the skin. I understand that there will be a new skin for new Kodi versions though
here is the link to the git repo if anyone is interested.

I made small 4 changes but were nice to have


[font]It's great, thank you very much[/font]
I installed the Disney+ Add on from slyguy Repo and it works good. I managed to put Disney+ into the Main Menu (Picture 1), when I click on it the Overview page opens (Picture 2), I scroll down to "Meine Liste" (Picture 3) and there are my marked Films.
I would like to achieve when clicking on Disney+ in the Main Menu to go straight to "Meine Liste".

Is this possible and how ? Thanks
Once you click on the addon everything is controlled by it. There’s nothing the skin can do. You should look in the addon settings or ask the addon’s creator.
Thanks @manfeed will do
I just made a big mistake. In the System Settings-Main Menu I switched I few items up and down and now the System is no longer visible in my Overview. How do I get it back ?
There’s an option there to make each menu item go back to the default value.
That is the problem, my System Tab is missing, I accidently deactivated it. That is my picture before my big mistake.
In the exit screen, when you click in Power in the main menu, I added an option to the final menu to go to settings, but not sure if your skin version has that feature or not yet…
I am afraid my POWER Menu is also gone Sad
Is it possible to edit a settings file in Kodi´s addon directory ? I am still able to access the Add on Menu Item, so I can change to another skin.
Obviously, if you can access the file settings.xml, in userdata\addon_data\skin.aeon.tajo, you can make the changes as you please. If you don't know what to change, you can also delete that file and next time you use Aeon Tajo you'll have a fresh start.
Thanks @manfeed for your patience and your help. I will try to do that.
I had a more easy solution. I copied the settings.xml from my second Android TV Box and pasted it to the troubled one. It worked well, needed just a few minor adjustments. Thanks again @manfeed
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