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Full Version: German Translation / Article "Der Die Das" etc.
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I'd like to start a discussion about the alphabetical sorting when taking an article into account.
The current situation is, that sorting media files is ignoring a (german) article like "Der", "Die" and "Das" (plus "The"). These are definite articles (Bestimmte Artikel). But what about indefinite articles (Unbestimmte Artikel) like "Ein", Eine", "Einer" and so on (= "A" in Englisch, i.e. "A beautiful day")?

I have asked a librarian about this and he said that sorting Books is respecting indefinite articles. This would lead to the fact that a book named "Ein schöner Tag" (A beautiful day) can be found in a library at the letter "S" instead of "E" (= "schöner Tag, Ein"). And that would imho mean that Kodi is doing it's sorting wrong and the addon.xml of resource.language.de_de (at least the german version) should be extended to take that into account. Or is/was there another reason why this hasn't be done 'til now?

Probably because it is so fraught with exceptions.

scott s.
Isn't that a very German discussion aka knowing the "right way" even if nobody will ever walk upon it? Mind you, I'm German myself  Wink Do you (or anyone) use this way of sorting? It is one of the first things I turn off, because it is completely couter-intuitive to me. If I look for a movie called "Das wandelnde Schloss" (Howl's moving castle) I would never think to look unter the letter "w", not with my DVDs (yes, I still own physical media Shy ) nor with my books.
That aside, yes, I think you are right, in a catalogue of a library the indefinite acrticle is treated the way you described. But I think that the catalogue of a library is something very different from a movie collection. Books are primarily sorted by author first and then by title. You don't do that for movies... And I am unsure if a library would really *physically* sort book that way. The RDA (German: RDA) covers the cataloging of books not the physical ordering or visual presentation. And Kodi is all about the latter Shy
So I think the time and energy needed for a proper implementation of a sorting that has (to me) no practical use is better spent somewhere else.
You are right and sorting "doesn't matter" in principle. But then the "sorttokens" in resource.language.de_de/addon.xml is completely useless (because incomplete) and should be removed or turned off by default.
A (sometimes) practical problem is that I have tons of media files in alphabetical subfolders (A-Z) and when we (my wife and/or I) want to watch "Das wandelnde Schloss" we are going to Folder "Movies/W/Das wandelnde Schloss", which is saved as "wandelnde Schloss, Das" in the SQL library. But when we want to watch "Ein Fisch Namens Wanda"... where to take a look? /E/ ? /F/ ? Ask the library everytime before watching? Wink

My wife is somewhat autistic. You can guess what she's saying everytime she found a "wrong sorted" media file  Nod
Yeah, first-world-problems. But either do it right or don't do it at all.