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Full Version: Title ??? create a shortcut
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Aucune idée si je suis dans le bon endroit but .... Je me demandais si dans les fichiers Kodi (Sources) , il y avait moyen de mettre un raccouci qui dirigerait vers un autre fichiier ?

Thanks a lot

PS : Sorry for my english

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Oups, too quick...

No idea if I'm in the right place .... I was wondering if in the Kodi files (Sources), there was a way to put a shortcut that would direct to another file?

But maybe I'll try to explain myself better... For example I have in windows a tree structure with several hard drives and several folders for oscar, palme d'or, directors, actors.... And in Windows, I can put a shortcut if it is in several categories, would it be possible to transpose this into Kodi?
Hi Karellen,

Thanks a lot, wonderfull !

Thread marked solved.

I come back because with this way I have another problem :

When I analyse media library, I have the movies in x2, x3, ....


So I don't know after, How much movies I have really.

Thanks if another solution.

Check where the extra movies are coming from...


If you still can't figure it out, delete a couple of moves and their duplicates and scrape them back. Capture that in a Debug Log.
Hello Karellen , thanks for trying to help me I Don't understand very well what you want to explain...

Can you give me a way point per point please ?

"delete a couple of moves and their duplicates and scrape them back" I don't understand this ...
(2023-02-28, 22:00)jason777_1 Wrote: [ -> ]I Don't understand very well what you want to explain...
You said that you have duplicated movies in your library after scraping.
I said check the duplicate movies and see which file they belong to. My image shows how to check that.
The duplicates cannot be pointing to the same file, so there are other files in your folder being caught up in the scraping process. Maybe you have extras, or trailers or something.
Just before, Perhaps I do a mistake like this :



I just have to put the .strm only ?

Thanks ;-)
Oh, that is terrible. No wonder you are having problems.
I am sure you have some reason for sorting your movies by actors, then duplicating the same movie into every actors folder, but for Kodi that is not good.

strm files are scanned/scraped by Kodi. So if you have 10 actors folders with the same movie, then the movie will be scraped 10 times.

I don't know how to fix that for you.
I think you will need to come up with a different way of storing your movie files. It really looks like you have come up with a complex method of storing and cross-referencing movies. All this can be done in Kodi.

On the positive, the artwork is all named correctly. Though \extrathumbs\ is not used by Kodi anymore, nor is logo.png. Use clearlogo.png
But you have named your folders (year) movie title. This will cause problems with scraping, but I guess you are using a media manager to create nfo files, so it shouldn't be an issue if you continue to do it that way.
Hi Karellen,

In fact, before using Matrix, I had never had any problems scrapping by Kodi with my way of sorting but since then, indeed, I had to go through Tiny mediamanager for more ease.

For my sorting, given my database, I do this to make it much easier to find my way around and because I do complete actor and director files.

I know that Kodi has the actor option but there is a list with an incalculable number of actors out of which I put the exclusivity on the most famous ones.

And yes I want my sorting this way and that's why I was wondering if there was not a shortcut solution like on Windows... or maybe a script, a python thing or whatever I who would do the job??

A big thank you for understanding my sorting which I admit is particular but so practical for my research....
Up ? Another solution ?

Thanks a lot for all the helpers.
So whenever you have a movie with 2,3,5,10 or 20+ actors, you are going to make 20+ copies of that video file? Sorry, but that is totally bonkers.
A video library already contains all metadata with which you can find and sort movies, actors, etcetera. No extra video files necessary.

You should totally reconsider your movie filing tactics.