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Full Version: Nodi as legal fork in the wiki?
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Hi there,
i seriously wondered that Nodi is listed as a legal Kodi fork in the Wiki.

On one hand the project does not seem to exist anymore. The Website is shutdown sind end of 2021.
On the other this fork is only actively advertised on websites which deal with illegal streaming and VPN topics.
Also the main source of info seems to be a Youtube channel mainly dealing with illegal streaming.

I think the Wiki should reflect that
(2023-03-15, 14:06)darkside40 Wrote: [ -> ]I think the Wiki should reflect that

I have removed Nodi from the Wiki page. If one version of Nodi is providing onboard less than 100% legal IPTV sources, there are probably others too.
Thanks for that.
Dont know what Nodi ships with because i was not able to download anything, like i said the fork does not seem to exist anymore.