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Full Version: wadeysay: What Did They Say?
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A movie was being watched using Kodi and a ‘What Did They Say?’ moment happened. Since the movie had some dialog in a foreign language, forced subtitles in english were enabled. To figure out what was just said was a multi-step process: pause the movie, switch subtitles to english, rewind the movie, watch and READ it, and then switch back to forced subtitles.

This addon does it all with one button press!



Rewind time: range 0 to 60 seconds - how much to rewind in seconds
Keep subtitle on longer than rewind time : range 0 to 60 seconds - subtitles will stay on for all of rewind time plus this amount in seconds
SDH: on/off - prefer subtitle for deaf and hard of hearing
Subtitle forced: options - if forced subtitle is encountered then find subtitle with selected language preference
Subtitle disabled: options - if subtitle is off then turn on either selected subtitle as long as it is not forced or find subtitle with selected language preference


Release Log:

04.06.23: 0.0.11
* included in Kodi Add-on repository

04.01.23: 00.11
[script.wadeysay] 00.11

03.26.23: 00.11-alpha
* bug fix for current forced and audio/forced lang differ

03.24.23: 00.10-alpha
* initial release
@Hi @paul.j.ghosh

Nice addon. Must admit I've been caught out numerous times with some barely heard or barely understandable dialogue forcing a jump back and enable subtitles to figure out what was said.
This will save a few steps once its mapped to a key.

Tried to download it, but seems to be password protected.
password is the name of the addon:
Kudos! Interesting concept, It is unfortune its being hosted in such an odd manner. Github, Gitlab not available?
Eventually I'll submit it for inclusion in the kodi repository of addons and put the code up on github for language translations.  At this time I am hoping enough people try it so that I can consider it stable.
(2023-03-25, 19:15)paul.j.ghosh Wrote: [ -> ]Eventually I'll submit it for inclusion in the kodi repository of addons and put the code up on github for language translations.  At this time I am hoping enough people try it so that I can consider it stable.

That is great to hear! Kodi repo can always use some fresh concepts... You should consider placing your code on git, The great thing about FOSS... the community can help improve and make your code stable.
Thank you for this.  Pretty nifty.  I find that sometimes even my decent center speaker for dialogue isn't enough for poor audio at times and have to resort to the full sub in order to decipher what was trying to be said because of overpowering background noise.  Prior to this add-on, the procedure to accomplish that was often not worth the steps required... and then go through the procedure again to put if back to foreign sub only.  Usually, I simply ignored what I missed since it was just too much hassle.  Now it's just one button press on my remote control.  

Installed and working using v21 fwiw.  I will say, this works very well with mkv's and the likes.  Iso' containers do not work at all.  That said, iso's are not very Kodi compatible in the first place unfortunately.  On a side note, there was a day when users could press the keyboard stroke T.  This would cycle through all subtitles as well as turn them off and on as part of the cycle.  Now all pressing T does is turn subs off/on.  Doesn't matter if using iso, mkv, pgs, srt - nothing works anymore.  This keymap shortcut eliminated the drill down procedure to quickly and easily choose a subtitle... often for the same reason this add-on addresses.  90% of my titles are iso's though.  Still, the 10% of my mkv's and such will appreciate wadeysay when/if the moments arise for them.  Thanks again for this.  Great job.
@brazen1 - I did some searches for Kodi and ISO subtitles.  Yes, there appear to be issues but back from 2017 or so...  This addon uses the xbmc and JSONRPC API to gather information and execute action.  I wonder why those are not behaving the same for ISO format.
(2023-03-25, 19:32)brazen1 Wrote: [ -> ]keyboard stroke T
Try L
I don't know?  Some iso rips have 30 or more subtitles.  The movie ARGO for example, because it's simple.  This iso rip has 2 subs.  1 full in English and 1 foreign spoken parts only in English.  I have the foreign selected.  It's now the default.  The movie only shows the foreign parts only.  Kodi remembers what you choose btw.  If the full sub is selected, Kodi will always play that one until it's changed.  So far, perfect.

I miss something said in the audio and need the full sub to read what was said.  I engage wadeysay and the movie skips back 20secs but never switches to the full sub.  It's still using the default foreign sub.  I guess it can't see anything more than what is defaulted in an iso container.

I still have the ability to pause the movie, press M and bring up the OSD, navigate to the subtitle tab, select it, drill down in the menu to Subtitles, select that radio button, navigate and find the Full sub, highlight it, navigate to OK, select it, back out, press skip back a few times since subs take an unusual amount of playback time until they finally display (unlike wadeysay), un-pause the movie, read the audio I can't hear, pause the movie and repeat all of what I just did in order to reselect the foreign only sub so it is once again default. 

As I said, in the past I only needed to pause the movie, select T, and continue toggling it through the subs which display in a tiny text OSD top middle of screen and when it lands on the sub I want, the sub displays and the tiny OSD disappears automatically after a few seconds.  Then I just skip the movie back a little and read what I couldn't hear.  Then I can press T again, select the foreign only sub and it's a done deal.  Except T only toggles Subtitles On (which displays only the sub that is default) and Subtitles Off these days.  The toggle through all available subs list is no longer functional.  Afaik, if Kodi can't function properly, or how it used to function, I can't see how wadeysay could either when using an iso rip.  Fwiw, I tested this with Aeon Nox Silvo skin and Estuary thinking that might make a difference but it doesn't.

I certainly don't want to cause you any alarms.  Your add-on works perfectly with other containers.  Still, no matter the container, file extension, or type of sub file, Kodi only toggles subs on and off using the T keymap instead cycling through everything available.
(2023-03-25, 21:39)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]
(2023-03-25, 19:32)brazen1 Wrote: [ -> ]keyboard stroke T
Try L
L cycles the subs.  Exactly what I need for iso's.  Perfect.  Thank you.  Disregard my comments about T.
(2023-03-25, 22:11)brazen1 Wrote: [ -> ]It's still using the default foreign sub.

Please post a screenshot of the list of subtitles in ARGO.

Also, the details of the ISO rip of ARGO.
Here is the default sub which is Foreign only.


Here is the Full sub I need to switch to.


Not sure what details you want but here's media info for the main title.



I think I understand the issue.  Neither Kodi nor the media info is stating that subtitle 26 is forced.  Kodi just has the language displayed and the subtitle number.  I wonder if that information is captured somewhere else since I don't even see language information in your screenshots of media information.

I coded around incorrect isforced flag as some subtitles leave the flag as false and add the word FORCED in the name.  For this situation I am not sure what I can do...

The behavior is as expected:
* current subtitle is non-forced and enabled so just a rewind happens

If the subtitles were disabled:
* it still satisfies configuration of 'selected subtitle' as it is non-forced per the data
* it satisfies configuration of 'audio language' being a match as audio is english and the subtitle is english

So, just a rewind is happening.

How did you know that subtitle 26 is english for the foreign parts only?
(2023-03-26, 01:42)paul.j.ghosh Wrote: [ -> ]Neither Kodi nor the media info is stating that subtitle 26 is forced
I've also noticed that forced subtitles are sometimes combined with the full subtitle track, the forced lines having a flag to indicate they should be displayed, even when the track is disabled.
It's the main reason I stopped ripping to m2ts files because there was no control, and it was definitely not easy to figure out which track was which, and which contained forced subtitles. Some movies having 5 or more english subtitles, then having to figure out which is which.
And I also missed the chapter markers.

Over the last year, I have been slowly re-ripping to mkv files and correctly tagging.
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