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Full Version: Firestick can't find recorded TV folder
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I'm pretty sure it's because serverwmc is pointing to the public folder, which is a shared folder. But my recordings are on another drive, and that recorded TV folder is also shared, but only one "Recorded TV" folder shows up on the network, which is the "m" drive. Basically I need to figure out how to make serverwmc point the "watched" folder to the m drive instead of the public folder. Any ideas? Thanks.


Well I guess I fixed it. I removed the M folder, added the public folder back to library locations, then re-added the M folder.
Well this thread is turning into the equivalent of a crazy person standing in the middle of the street talking to themselves, but...

Turns out maybe that wasn't the fix. I had to reinstall epg123 and re-update the channels at one point. So I'd reinstalled serverwmc as well. But forgot Android doesn't really like UNC, so changed that back to the IP address of the PC with the tuner in serverwmc. Seems to be working so far.