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Full Version: Home screen slideshow on Nexus v20
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Hello to the community!

I am using Quartz in all of my Kodi installations in my home (and more) which up until recently were either Windows, raspberry pi (OSMC and/or Raspbian) or Vero 4k (OSMC).

I am testing Android in two devices (tv boxes with google tv) and I have the following issue in both of them:
The fanart slideshow with movies I have setup for my homepage does not work. It shows the first picture and that's all. It's stuck.

This happens only in Android. In all other devices works flawlessly (same setting).

I am using a shared SQL Library from my NAS in case it makes any difference.

If you have any idea, feel free to chip in.

Unfortunately I'm not set up to troubleshoot the android platform. Are there other skins with home screen slide shows that are working? That would be interesting to know.